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 The Exile Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]

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PostSubject: The Exile Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   Tue Apr 01, 2008 1:30 am

Many prefere not to speak of them. Arch Lich Nathezim is the current leader of the Exile. They are the black sheeps of the five nations, with their wasteland, vulcanos, massive graveyards and black cities. They trust the dark arts and paths of life to a large extent and was named the exiled for the reason that no one wanted them around in their kingdom. All exiles carry a mark on their back that indicates that they in fact are exiles. This however is a dying tradition, for now only most of the elders carry the mark of the exiled, for they were part of the first war, the shattering. All those who participated and became exiled was burnt with the mark. The mark being a skull the size of a hand onto their back. Few know what the exiles are working with in their lands and even less than those wants to know. It is the land of the warlocks, necromancers, deathknights and former warlords, as well as assassins, shapeshifters and other types of evil, as well as unethical soldiers and creatures, such as the demons, the undeads and the spectrals.

What does it look like?

This is the nation of the dead. It can be told from far away with their dense, black smoke rising to the skies. There are volcanos, cracked earth and dead nature. The sky is as good as always coulded and when it is not, the sun is barely noticeable anyway because of the gray world in all. The sun may shine down, but there are not many colors to shine down upon.
There are cracks in the ground, renegade demons and fearsome bandits. The cracks in the ground often lead all the way down to the magma that flows beneath the whole nation. Why this nation is as tormented at nature as it is, is unknown. Some say that the Arch Lich Ghanok, first ruler of the Exile made it this way to put fright into invaders.

The capital city is named Gates of Tabylon and is a massive necropolis. The whole city is one massive building with a vast number of small buildings inside it. To walk from one side to another inside the necropolis (That is if you live trough it all, considering all the lowly scum) would take a couple of hours.
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Burning Thought

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PostSubject: Re: The Exile Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   Tue Apr 01, 2008 2:13 am

Arch' Nalzaris stretched forwards his dark gloved hands, taking the throat of a nearby vampire,freezing cold winds blessed the night, yet they were nothing like the liches touch, the constant night and shadow around the lich made him look all the more sinister yet the vampire turned to ashes imediatley, however the Lich knew from his own knowledge as a vampire that the nightstalker had not been destroyed, with a hand movement and a whisper of incantation a shield appeared around him, its dark energy hopefully protecting him, the vampire group that decided to attack their so called "blood traitor" were decimated by shadowy energy, very few of them were left alive and Nalzaris had more pressing matters to get on with. The frozen chilling air around his lich form touched the vampries body as he appeared out of the darkness, with his enormous two handed hammer he struck against the dark shield, the hammers force shook the shield which flicked slightly as fragments of dark energy flashed like lightning off of the shield, sparking across the ground, "I have no time for your vampiric tricks brother" Nalzaris said mockingly, the cruel soul chilling eyes stared into the vampires split seconds before Nalzaris with a quick wave of his hand send forth a dark flash of energy that exploded on the open ground, creating a sizzling mark, "I will swallow your soul lesser being!, you will be my thrall in a death beyond your current one!",, the vampire was testing the patience of the Arch lich, the lich was hovering above the ground, turning then with a will his chain sprang to life, bursting into flames and impaling in a flash of light the vampires body, the creature was instantly torched, screaming as its body turned to embers, "much better hmm".

Nalzaris hovered towards the small mansion house, only a minor haunt of vampires but one he would prefer emptied, they had several of his soul gems, that they had stolen from him while in one of his stasis periods. He entered through the enormous double doors, the ancient crooked building would look deserted from the outside, unfortuatley for the vampires within, this did not fool the lich. "I will destroy you quickly and give your souls peaceful respite if you bring forth the gems" he called, his cold voice freezing the air in front of him, every word an usher of torment from the other side, the vampires were many, swarming around the huge double staircase going up to several upper levels, some in the hall, smoking various types of plant and enjoying themselves, most of them were fairly young, no ancient warriors here, to the Lich, merely children, "I will not ask again, i will simply take both the gems and your souls, do not try my patience" . The vampires howver did not back down, they knew of the Arch liches power and most of his storywas legend among the vampire races however they were young, young and foolish and they leapt up. Fangs bared the nearest vampire leapt along with several of its friends, Nalzaris fired dark waves of force, slicing their bodies which exploded in embers instantly, he swept forwards threatenlings with his hands apart, staff in one hand, his cowl opened and a sucking sound along with a deep moan issued forth as spiritual essence poured out of the embers and into the cowl. Several vampires staggered for a moment before most of the house seem to swarm forwards, they caracked at Nalzeris' dark shield, several of them being burnt horribly in the dark energy of the shield however soon it gave out and exploded in a flash, "sssss its time you felt the crackles of the netherdark" the staff glowed and out form it many orbs short forth making cruel shattering sounds like glass as they exploded, screams issued forth from the vampires as many of them turned to embers, while others used their swords, swinging at the Lich who quickly levitated to higher levels, hopefully out of reach from the weapons below.

The battle went on for several hours, Nalveris found them to be a stronger threat than he thought, he was greatly weakened, he had to result to summoning the souls of the dead vampires ot his will and creating wraiths to attack the creatures, "hmm I am greatly weakened since the battle with that master mage, the hour glass was greatly weakened" he spoke more to himself, he had little company and the wraiths he often summoned had no true speech or ability to communicate, he called forth the souls into both himself for noursihment as well as some for his hourglass which he also sucked into the cowl yet did not drain. Clutching the soul gems he started back to his dark spire.
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PostSubject: Re: The Exile Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:21 pm

The walls of nightmare keeps me awake, trapped in my woken state. What did I ever do to deserve this fate? It was never my intention to turn out like this. It was all a misstake, I know it now. I was simply not strong enough to execute the ritual. My brother is still dead, as am I. The difference though, is that I am living and he is not

Stelia sighed, walking trough the forsaken wastelands of the Exile nation. This was not her place, not her time. She is supposed to be long gone, but that treturous spell kept her alive. Kept her breathing even after death. Her soul is tainted by the curse that she herself brought upon her. Only the spirits to guide her now, trough the world, trough the times of darkness. Her brother long gone and she starts believing it is futile to even dream about reforming him, reforming the might Voodoo warrior which once was him.

She clenched her hand around the shard on her neck as she sighed. She passed graveyards, crypts and battlefields as she walked, not for minutes but for hours. She simply held her shard, sighing as she fell to knees outside a dark crypt and clenched both her fists around the soul shard.

"Spirits, guide me once more trough my days of curse. My life is not meant to be, nor is my death. I request your guidance, spirit of souls"

She stood silent, waiting patiently for a response. She had stopped hearing the spirits. Many years back, they stopped coming to her when she asked them to. The spirit of souls, the spirit that would know what to do with the shard was most stubborn of them all. Only once had she ever even heard its whisperings. Then, only to tell Stelia that she was not ready.

She was ready. She is ready. She was born ready! Why could the spirit not see this? She stood on her knees and stared into the ground, both hands supporting her. She wanted to cry, but the tears of her body had since long already dried out. She instead clenched her fists, grasping the black sand beneath her hands. She breathed heavily and gave out a loud, sorrowful cry, tearless non-the-less.

"What have I done, what have I done to deserve this torment? Spirit of the dead, release me from this prison! I BEG YOU!"

Again, no answer. Not from the spirit of souls, or the spirit of the dead. Stelia wanted to grow angered, but she knew it served no good. The spirits required only one thing, and that was loyalty. Her faith in the spirits was fading. Both the spirits and she knew this. She on the other hand was determined not to let it. The spirits waited for her to realise what she so long had been trying to figure out.

Why? When? How?
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PostSubject: Re: The Exile Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:24 pm

Ixildar awoke with a fright. Shadow was squaking, shaking Ixildar's mind awake through their connection. A league away, a horde of goblins roamed the foothills beneath the monsterous volcano, Ixildar had come to name Lok'Na. A roar emitted from the lead goblin-he was biggest, and quite obivously the leader-as they spotted Ixildar.

Just what I need! Why doesn't Nathezim keep these...obscurities under control?

The goblin troupe had started charging toward Ixildar, unprovoked, with a bloodthirsty tinge to their bloodshot eyes.

Shadow, Ixildar contacted the bird, who turned to face him in response. Peck their eyes out, rid me of their presence.
The bird squaked with it's assurement, and took off. Ixildar watched as the bird approached the goblins from above, and then dived down, straight into the leader's face. As instruced, the eyes were the first thing to go-but instead of help their fallen leader, the other goblins headed for Ixildar, ignoring the bird all together, as well as their fallen leader's screams of agony.

To me, Shadow! Ixildar cried through his mind, and the bird retreated over the oncoming goblins, and perched on a branch in the dead tree behind Ixildar. The Blood Elf drew his hand-and-a-half sword, and charged the goblins, to their suprise. It felt as if Ixildar's sword shook with pleasure, the pleasure of tasting blood, as he stabbed the first goblin that he had in his reach. Lifting his hand palm out, he lifted to large rocks and sent them flying at the goblins. Two fell to the stones, and three more to the blade. Backstepping, Ixildar parried blows from a Goblin's ax, and stabbed him through the gut. Ixildar snarled as he found himself surrounded by bloodthirsty creatures, numbering at least in the twenties.

Ixildar's glowing eyes roared up in a green flame, as if more wood had been victim to their massive burn. Ixildar raised his palm, and felt the magic rush through his body, and he directed it toward the ground beneath them, which was mostly solid. The goblins warily looked at each other, and cautiously approached, but they found their feet caught in the ground.
Quicksand! Squaked a jubilant Shadow, who seemed greatly pleased by the coming deaths. Ixildar felt himself tiring, but continued to meld the sand until it consumed all of the goblins. They cried and writhed, but could not free themselves, and soon drowned in the sand, which hardened afterwards. But this entire ordeal left Ixildar exhausted, and soon he collapsed on the ground, his vision becoming blotchy until he finally lost conciousness; the displeased squaks of the raven was the last thing Ixildar heard.
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PostSubject: Re: The Exile Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   Sat Apr 05, 2008 6:50 pm

Ixildar rose to an itching in his throat. He looked around, his head swirling and eyes blotchy.
How long have I been out?
The answer came from the raven, who sent a mental picture to him of two suns.

Two days?! Ixildar roared in his mind, his throat unable to produce an audible sound besides coughing and gagging.

At least I'm alive... Ixildar tried to smile at the thought, but his lips were severely chapped, and beads of blood ran down them onto his chin.

Shadow... Go find water, and lead me to it. Ixildar commanded the bird, and Shadow took off.
No more than fifteen minutes later, the bird sent him a mental image of a brooke, a league away.
I-... I can't go there. The brooke, no more than two leagues away is the Serene nation... They'd kill me on site!
Shadow merely squaked in an unintelligeable retort.
Fine... But if I die, you die. Shadow remained silent, but Ixildar could feel him tugging him on.


Half an hour later, Ixildar fell to his knees at the brooke, as Shadow perched on a tree that had more visible vegitation on it. The ground around Ixildar had broken out into grass, some of it brown and dry, but closer to the brooke it was green and lush. On the other side, the lush grass extended on into the dense forest. Ixildar could make out several entities... Wolves, pixies, fairies... All staring at him from the safety of the underbrush.

Ignorant, Ixildar threw his head into the brooke, wetting his lips and throat. The sensation was wonderful, and he was about to bring his head back out when something hit it with a blunt weapon. Furious, he drew his head from the water, and turned to find that several of the pixies he'd seen in the woods, had flown across the territorial divide, and three of them held onto a blunt tree branch. Before Ixildar could move again, he was hit over the head once more, and he lost conciousness.

(Nation Shift: SERENE NATION)
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Drĉus Maximov

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PostSubject: Re: The Exile Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   Wed May 07, 2008 10:13 pm

Drĉus and Kumori entered the Exiled nation a bit wearily. If his false tattoos hadn't fooled the locals, he'd be torn limb from limb. Kumori would be fine, being only a wolf, and thus unable to know he'd stumbled into bad territory, but Drĉus himself was in for a great deal of suffering if found. He headed off toward the farthest mountain he could see, assuming this new metamorph he'd been sent after would be there.

"Alright, Kumori, don't draw attention to us. It would not do for someone to realize we were not from this realm, would it?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Exile Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   

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The Exile Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]
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