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 The Barbarian Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]

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PostSubject: The Barbarian Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:53 am

The name speaks for itself. The Barbarian nation is frozen to a large extent, with a couple of mountains and lakes. Their leader is a man called Olaf Grater, a might barbarian warchief.
Living in houses of rock and tents, as well as even caves in some cases, this nation is used to rough circumstances. They possess the highest degree of muscle and endurance in the world. They are considered a very primitive nation, but in truth they are only going by the concept that old times is the best. With light armor and heavy weapons do these men fight in the war. Despite what many could think, considering their primitive lifestyle, these soldiers have strategical knowledge and are not just brutes. The nation holds many different types of soldiers, but what one would not expect is the magical Shamans, Warlocks and Spiritualists. The Barbarians believe that magic is dangerous if not handled with care and that life should not be dependant on it. Their shamans, spiritualists and warlocks use magic, but that is because of the Barbarian's primitive belief in the spirit world.

What does it look like?

The frozen wasteland of the Barbarians. Snow, snow and more snow. Snow on hills, snow covering the forests and snow covering the snow. The temperature is low, but somehow have barbarians succeeded that trough shaman magic keep a natural warmth at settled villages and cities. How, only the shamans know. No one ever questions them.

They have no capital city, but their head tribe often resides in the village called Hailstrom. A minor city with walls of solid ice and caves as well as cottages for houses.
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The Barbarian Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]
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